Get Particle Effects To Awesomize Your Website

There are multiple particle effect addons for Slider Revolution so you can effortlessly get the most WOW-inducing, interactive, 3D particle scenes on your WordPress websites.

More Than Just Particle Effects

Our particle addons allow for the creation of three-dimensional particle and polygon grids with lots of style and animation options.

Choose From Powerful Presets

If you want to create a module from scratch using particle addons, our plentiful presets will come in handy.

Included With Slider Revolution

Over 25 addons are included with any Slider Revolution license. Level up your website with special effects now!

Check Out These Ready-To-Go Templates With
Particle Backgrounds

Grab new particle animation effects from our 250+ templates library with an easy, one-click installation. Templates are customized with your own content in minutes!

AI Particle Cluster Hero

Our latest “The Cluster” particle addon allows for localized particle effects with immense customization and interaction potential.

This Slider Revolution template surely is a unique eye-catcher and ready-to-go in minutes!

You Will Love This

Particle Wave Showcase

Is your website missing that one unique design element to set it apart from your competition?
The Particle Wave addon for Slider Revolution enables you to add interactive, 3D particles background animation effects that will amaze your clients!

This slider contains a collection of 3D Particle Wave scenes that can serve as engaging hero blocks on any website.

See It In Action

Solar System Showcase Slider

This slider presents the planets of our solar system and can serve as the perfect base for any product presentation on your website.

The subtle particle effect in the background gives this module that extra bit of depth and visual oomph!

Check It Out

Deep Dive Ocean Water Effect

Take a dive into the ocean with this 3D Particle Wave template for Slider Revolution.
The scroll-based interaction makes this hero module an absolute eye-catcher for any ocean-related website.

The ocean wave can be easily customized in terms of animation, texture and color, in our intuitive editor.

View It Live

Video Hero Header

A modern, futuristic video hero header with colorful gradients and a polygon particle wave.
Showcase the highlights of your tech-related business website with a video button that demands to be clicked.

All colors can easily be edited in our visual editor!

Preview Template

Looking For More Particle Effects?

Our latest Particle Wave addon marks the frontier of the current evolution in web design with 3D particle and polygon scenes.

Make sure to also check out our Particle Effects Add-On, which allows for highly customizable, 2D particle effects in any Slider Revolution module.

See some examples in action:

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Get the Particle Wave addon for all particles background animation effects and tons of other powerful features, included with any Slider Revolution license.

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Images, videos, colors or gradients can be used as backgrounds and enhanced with animated page transitions.

Layer Variety

Place texts, images, videos, shapes and icons anywhere you want.

Building Freedom

Add freely positioned layers on your stage or floated layers in column containers.

Smart Loading & SEO

Use our image optimization, lazy loading options and transition loader to get ahead with your website!

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You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive sliders with animated page transitions.


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